4D Games Is A Culture in Malaysia

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4D games lottery are legal betting events in the entire Malaysia, a culture where people bet on Magnum 4D, Damacai and Toto 4D. What’s your lucky number?

4D, also known as ‘’nombor ekor’’,are considered as the most common betting games in Malaysia. From teenagers to senior citizens, villagers to urbanites, even from poor to rich people, 4D betting is widely practised in our country.

Why is 4D so attractive and has great temptation? It comes from the concept of ‘’bet the least and win the most’’. For example, for the first prize of 4D, with a bet of RM1 for certain 4 numbers, the winner could get RM2500. That’s a high return that everyone is hard to resist!

3 Major 4D Operators

Malaysia has 3 major 4D operators which are Magnum, Sports Toto and Damacai (Kuda). You can see those 4D betting shops all around the towns, and mostly crowded when it is near 7pm as the betting closing time.

The classic or standard betting option on 4D numbers is called ‘’big’’, with first prize winning RM2500 for RM1 bet, second prize RM1000, and third prize RM500. There are also 10 special prizes with RM180 each, and 10 consolation prizes with RM60 each. The 4D drawing date is set on every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, plus certain special drawings which are set on Tuesday.

Big And Small – For Higher Odds

Meanwhile, there is also another betting option called ‘’small’’, in which the bet is only effective on top three prizes, which are 1st prize winning RM3500, 2nd prize RM2000 and 3rd prize RM1000. However, players get zero money if their numbers hit the special or consolation prize section.

Ask for more prizes? Try the jackpot option. We could often read news articles that a lucky person had won millions ringgit of great prizes by hitting a jackpot, and wondering how lucky they are.

Sports Toto – Millions Prize Jackpot

For example, Sports Toto provided the Star Toto, Power Toto and Supreme Toto, which prizes are from hundred thousands to more than 10 millions ringgit. This March, MYR 97.75 millions prize was won by the super lucky guy who bet on Supreme Toto, breaking the record of highest jackpot prize ever in Malaysia.

However, the disadvantage of 4D Malaysia is, players have to visit the 4D shops to bet on. For people who like to bet on two or three sides, they need to walk into a few shops which might be quite a distance between them.

Experience Online 4D Lottery Betting

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