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Founded on December 19, 1968, Magnum 4D Malaysia. The next year, the lottery organization’s operations became a private limited business. Magnum 4D eventually went public on October 30, 1969.

The business adopted the name Magnum Corporation Berhad on June 2, 1977. The organization has undergone yet another transition since 2008 and is now a private corporation. It took on the name Magnum Corporation Sendirian Berhad that it is known by today.

The business is the first to be granted a license to run the 4D Classic game, one of Malaysia’s most well-known and renowned lottery options. Over the years, it has created several variants that are still based on the original idea but add some newness and excitement to 4D. 

A summary of the Magnum 4D Lotteries

Magnum 4D Malaysia. As was already said, Magnum 4D’s most renowned game is the traditional 4D game. But it’s not the only one. Let’s examine each game the company has created in more detail:

Magnum 4D Classic is a 4D game in which participants select a four-digit number between 0000 and 9999. Players can select the precise wager they wish to make on each entry. This implies that the payment amount will fluctuate. One of the factors contributing to Magnum 4D Classic’s appeal is its degree of adaptability. Learn more about the game and where to discover the Magnum 4D results by continuing to read.

Magnum 4D Jackpot is a game that is an add-on that is dependent on the 4D numbers selected. Players may win far more than they would with just one Magnum 4D entry because of the additional rewards available for a nominal cost.

The Development of Magnum 4D

Magnum 4D Malaysia. One of Malaysia’s oldest lottery operators, Magnum Corporation Sendirian Berhad, was the first to receive a license to run the popular 4D game. Magnum 4D has a long history and is dedicated to creating lottery games, making it a market leader in Malaysia today.

The business has introduced several subsidiaries and new games throughout the years (check the section above). The 4D Classic game’s first expansion was released in 2009, and Magnum acquired rights to the game in 2013.

Tickets for Magnum 4D may be purchased online.

Magnum 4D Malaysia. Magnum 4D lottery tickets are not yet available online. The retail locations in Malaysia and where tickets can be purchased for all 4D versions are listed on the company’s official website.

Live results for Magnum 4D

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Depending on whether a drawing is being held on a certain day, the agency’s hours change. Agents usually work fewer hours on days when there are no drawings. On drawing days, buying chances last until seven o’clock.

Final verdict

Do you wish to view the most recent Magnum outcome? Do you require the prior Magnum 4D today results? The corporation’s official website has this information available. You only need to visit the relevant game page to acquire the most recent results and an archive.